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“How Swings the Moon for You…?
  your land, whose very veins run with distance…”

‘How Swings the Moon for You…?' Is the first in a series of related recordings. Distance and reflection are central themes of this CD. The form it takes mirrors my art-school past, making visual art objects using collage techniques: assemblages of juxtaposed and seemingly unrelated items onto which the viewer cannot help but impose some personal coherent narrative.

‘How Swings the Moon for You…?' Was constructed in this manner, running as a continuous piece, more akin to film than a collection of separate and discreet songs - ‘objects’ about relationships assuming and forming their own relationships… and hopefully their own coherent meaning.

‘How Swings the Moon for You…?' Was recorded before the total eclipse of August 1999 had occurred. Lunacy was abroad. The moon was swinging. I remember looking at the fuzzy sky that August morning, and remembering July 1969 “ …and thirty years just fall away…” Looking at those fuzzy pictures of the first shimmering humans to trample there, wondering what the moon might think of these occasional and intense flurries of interest and intrusion. We all got to see the mysterious cloudy side of the moon. Ridiculous disposable safety glasses were abandoned; undazzled gazes turned to the ‘date horizon’? a ‘Millennium’ was approaching. I hope Selene with her own distance and reflection had a quiet laugh.

“ … the star-struck moon, she kept her cool with patient eclipses…”

So to the second CD: I O D I N E T I M E

“…and the moon…Captain of sad calendars, Mistress and coujourer of flows…
In whose name and light madmen stand defined…
A pearl, A pendulum, A promise…

How Swings the Moon for You…?”

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