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I O D I N E  T I M E was recorded in Greenwich (London) where a thin brass strip on the ground casually defines in countless examples of hemisphere straddling photo-fun the 'Eastness' or 'Westness' of things... where time has its nominal reference, displayed as haemorrhaging digits, flashing the passing of each whimsical nano-second under the supervision of ageing curators... where the impending construct of 'The Millennium' claimed its commercial and cynical centre to a rising sense of ennui.

That the endless sky should keep us gazing in endless amazement; astronomy and astrology.
Hubble and horoscope.
The darkness and the desire for certainty.

Such old light twinkle-twinkle in such young eyes.

An early autumn leaf, it's season over, lets go in the east and lands in the west... the ephemeral leaf and the long lived tree... they do not need a clock, map or calendar to fulfil or define their purpose.
Time is. Space is.
Someone tried to sell us 'The Experience' of both.

That the sea should come rolling in with its ancient murmur of 'I remember you.' With its secrets and its sorrows, its monsters and its memories.

That the blemished moon, still quizzical hangs in one dark space and pulls deep in another. In timeless embrace, dancing their ancient dance, the moon and the sea will be waltzing with each other long after our ridiculous and desperate party is over... dancing in I O D I N E  T I M E.

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