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"Come with me where the dodo sings, where there's fish that fly and birds that swim, and the air is full of every thing... except the sound of..."

The opening lines of 'How Swings The Moon for You?' The first CD in an ongoing series collectively called 'Where The Dodo Sings'. 'I O D I N E T I M E' being the second. Tracks from these CDs have been played on B.B.C. Radio 3's 'Late Junction'.

My solo work occupies a space in the hinterland between singer-songwriter, performance poet and instrumentalist. In addition to my solo work I have been a member of 'Bronte Brothers' performance art group, 'Other People' with Dave Ball of 'Soft Cell', and 'The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain' of which I am a founder member.

I have played many of London's leading 'acoustic' venues as a solo artist. As an instrumentalist I performed in Rhys Chatham's 'An Angel Moves Too Fast To See', a piece for 101 electric guitars, and Glenn Branca's 'Symphony No.13 - Hallucination City' for 100 electric guitars.

I currently play guitar with 'The Band of Holy Joy' following their reformation in 2007.

In addition to my performing work I am an experienced teacher, and offer 'one to one' guitar and ukulele lessons. Beginners welcome. Please contact me for further details, rates and availability. I am currently working with the highly regarded ukulele player Nick Browning on 'Orchestral Workshops' for ukulele players. These commencing in September 2012.

My solo CDs are available from me directly.

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